Collection: Kip & Co

For over a decade, Kip&Co has been offering a better way of living. It’s your best night’s sleep, it’s a meal with loved ones that feeds your soul, it’s memories made on backyard adventures and global wanderings. A Kip&Co home has a thousand stories to tell, the tapestry of a life that’s free-spirited, and celebrates creativity, fun, art, culture and craftsmanship.


Kip&Co was founded in Melbourne by Kate, Hayley and Alex, back in 2012. The brand was born from a real life friendship and sisterhood. At its core it remains a place that celebrates time spent together where there is authentic collaboration, and a genuine shared love of colour and creativity. Today they continue to lead the creative direction of Kip&Co from their home town of Melbourne, following their unique, confident and eclectic sense of style that has always been at core.


We’re passionate about living life to the full - but not fast. We’ve made a personal commitment to minimise the harm to the planet in everything we do, and that means sustainable and ethical considerations come first.