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Pastel Paints Set, Sealant & Brushes (12 Pack)

Pastel Paints Set, Sealant & Brushes (12 Pack)

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Level up your craft game with Crockd acrylic paint set (basic edition). This set comes with everything you need to paint, decorate, and seal your creations all in one sitting - no kilns required! It’s perfect for a beginner to the intermediate painter but also versatile enough to full fill any of your creative visions in brilliant colours.

 10 Toxic Free & Quick Drying Acrylic Paint & Sealant Tubes 

 3 Premium Artist Quality Brushes (small, medium & large)

Designed to be multi-purpose and long-lasting, you'll be using these acrylic paints on all your Crockd goods. From pottery, to planters, to wood, and even glass. Everything you can see and touch can achieve a glow-up with this amazing acrylic paint set.

Set features highly pigmented colours that boast a large spread across different types of surfaces. There are a selection of pre-mixed ready to use coloured acrylic paints, but in our experience, once you get into your flow you’ll find yourself experimenting with colour mixing to create unique colours and infinite palette variations with the extra black and white tubes that aren’t found in normal paint kits. 

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