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Wandering Folk

Wandering Folk Picnic Rug MIIMI AND JIINDA Collab

Wandering Folk Picnic Rug MIIMI AND JIINDA Collab

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The first of Wandering Folk Artists Series, the Miinggi Jaanymili Picnic Rug features Indigenous
artists duo
Miimi and Jiinda’s artwork. The symbol in the middle represents a meeting place where people come together and connect. The circles around the
outside are neighbouring tribes, friends and family that journey along the pathways,
meeting in the middle to share stories, culture, food and celebrations.
Printed on Wandering Folk's  NEW renewable and durable 100% recycled polyester fabrication. The base features our trusty brown water resistant poly/cotton canvas with a waterproof treatment.

$5 from every rug sold will be donated to Karrkaad Trust. This will be put towards the work, landand lives of Indigenous people in West and Central Arnhem.

- Dimensions: 164cm x 147cm
- Weight: 1.9kg
- Hand illustrated print on front side
- FabricationTOP/FRONT: 100% Recycled polyester/cotton.

BACK: Poly/cotton canvas with a waterproof treatment.
TOP: Features NEW renewable fabrication that is made from recycled plastic fibres
that's more durable, less likely to fade and water resistant.

- Signature brown base is water resistant
- Hand made tassels on corners
- Embroidered cotton label
- Miimi & Jiinda signature
- Brown ornate woven carry strap
- Stitch lines on back for easy rolling
- Plastic free

- $5 from each sale of this rug donated to Karkaad Trust.

 - *Please note that although we try our very best to ensure all imagery portrays products true colours they can sometimes alter on screen or in certain lighting.




At the tranquil shores of a healing tea tree lake, beloved by the land’s people for generations, a heart-warming scene unfolds. Families and generations come together to share not only nourishment but also cherished memories. Laughter fills the air, mingling with the aroma of delicious food wafting from vibrant picnic spreads. Beneath the shade of ancient Eucalyptus trees, colourful picnic rugs are spread out, forming a tapestry of togetherness. Grandparents impart wisdom and stories of old, their voices carrying the weight of a thousand experiences. Parents exchange knowing glances, their gazes reflecting a shared journey of love and sacrifice. Children frolic and play, their joyful squeals echoing in harmony with the gentle lapping of the water against the shore. Amidst the symphony of conversation time seems to pause, allowing for the creation of lasting memories and the strengthening of family bonds. As the sun casts a golden hue upon the tranquil lake, each moment becomes a precious thread woven into the fabric of generations…

 Drawing inspiration from the land and the generations that came before her, Melissa of Miimi and Jiinda’s colour palette was mixed to uplift and inspire the senses. Nature is her greatest muse and teacher with its bright bold colours - vivid green rainforests, radiant pink sunsets and invigorating turquoise waters. The Miinggi Jaanymili palette is inspired by Australian landscapes at twilight with its rich pops of fuchsia, plum and pastel pink.



Collaborating with artists that inspire her was a pipe dream of Sharnee’s for some time. So when Melissa and Lauren of Miimi and Jiinda reached out to collab, it was an instant yes. A mother and daughter artist duo, these Indigenous women are strong, resilient matriarchs as well as talented artists. They are devoted to celebrating their strong bond with family, land, and culture through their work. Lauren, also known as Miimi, was part of the Stolen Generation, forcibly separated from her family and taken to a Grafton orphanage where sadly her Bundjalung-Gumbaynggirr-Dunghutti cultural identity was punished. Lauren was taken alongside 13 of her brothers and sisters, they too were put into orphanages separated into boys and girls homes. Before Lauren was taken, at age 9, she had grown up culturally strong with her mob…nothing could break her connection to culture, family and ancestors. This kept her going those tough years and a testament to the beautiful strength she carries today. At 18 she was reunited with her family.

 Despite the difficulties arising from this trauma, the pair have found healing by joining forces to create a successful, creative business. Miimi and Jiinda was formed as a positive way to celebrate their family's heritage by bringing its beauty into the spotlight. We are mesmerized by their strength and infatuated with the stories they have to tell about matriarchy, motherhood, and Country. We’re so humbled to unveil this collab rug as a celebration of the land we live and gather on.


Miimi and Jiinda's print Miinggi Jaanymili (meaning Heart Gathering) features a central symbol representing a meeting place where people come together connect. Surrounding this meeting place are circles representing neighbouring tribes, friends, and family who travel along their individual paths to meet in the middle, sharing stories, culture, food, and celebrations. This artwork celebrates the ancient art of connection through gathering, reflecting how moments spent together in nature have always united generations and cultures. We're honoured to offer this significant artwork on our beloved picnic rug.


$5 from every rug sold will be donated to The Karrkaad Trust who bring together Indigenous ranger groups, communities, and philanthropists to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues. These include regenerating our natural environment, taking action on climate change, creating meaningful and equal employment opportunities, and supporting the continuation of the world’s oldest living culture.

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