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Essential Oil LAVENDER EURO 12ml

Essential Oil LAVENDER EURO 12ml

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Silverstone 100% Pure Supreme Quality Essential Oil - LAVENDER EUROPEAN -Lavendula spp

The actions of lavender on the emotions are gently sedative and relaxing. It is beneficial to those whose low spirits are combined with a feeling of anxiety or vulnerability, imparting a feeling of calm while at the same time strengthening the spirits. It is a soothing addition to a massage blend and can help in the treatment of insomnia. Used in abdominal massage, lavender will help to ease flatulence and the discomfort of trapped wind in the digestive system.

The mild analgesic properties of lavender make it suitable for the treatment of headaches and muscular pain. One of the few essential oils that can be used neat, lavender also has antiseptic properties and can be dabbed directly onto stings and insect bites and will reduce the pain of minor burns, scalds and scrapes, combating infection at the same time. In addition to this, the oil promotes healing and will help to reduce scarring. When used in bathing, lavender oil is beneficial in the treatment of genito-urinary infections such as thrush and cystitis. In steam inhalations, it can do much to ease spasmodic coughing and will help to fight throat infections and soothe laryngitis.

Skin conditions that can be treated with lavender oil include eczema, acne, psoriasis and athlete's foot. The oil has a deodorizing and antiseptic effect when used in a mouthwash. Lavender oil is also an effective insect repellent. Suitable methods of use Bathing, compresses, hair care, inhalation, massage, skin care, vaporizer/ diffuser. 

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