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Wheatbag Love



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Looking for a stylish and effective way to relieve pain and discomfort? Look no further than Wheatbags Love Black Pebbles design wrap around heat pack. Featuring a sleek black and very colourful pebble print, this heat pack is the perfect way to soothe sore and tired muscles, whether you’re dealing with back aches or pesky tummy cramps.


Part of the Kasey Rainbow range, this heat pack was created in collaboration with Brisbane artist Kasey Rainbow, an up-and-coming star of Australia’s digital art and design scene. With a focus on bold patterns and eye-catching designs, Kasey’s artwork is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Crafted from all-natural materials and handmade with care right here in Australia, Wheatbags love  Black Pebbles design wrap around heat pack is not only stylish but also effective at providing targeted relief where you need it most. With adjustable cotton straps and six channels of Australian lupins for even heat distribution, this heat pack is the perfect hands-free solution for pain relief and relaxation.

    Wheatbags Love cotton fabric for the straps of their wrap around packs meaning they are fully adjustable for all sizes, 100% natural and they're able minimise waste.

    • Hand-made in Australia
    • Free gift box included
    • Made with all natural materials (100% cotton)
    • Filled with Australian lupins, which retain the heat longer
    • 6 channels of lupins to allow for even distribution of heat
    • Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer
    • Box Size: 19cm x 15cm x 7cm

    Heating Instructions 

    • Only use a microwave to heat your wrap around pack
    • Never overheat your wrap around heat pack
    • Use the following instructions as a guide only as every microwave is different
    • Start by microwaving for 2 minutes and then testing the temperature
    • Place back in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until it reaches your desired temperature

    Cooling Instructions

    • Place inside a zip lock freezer bag and then store in your freezer for use as a refreshing cold pack

    Where to Use

    • Sore shoulders
    • Tight necks
    • Period cramps
    • Lower backs
    • Aching knees
    • Sport-induced soreness or tightness in hamstrings, quads, or glutes
    • Stomach pain
    • Wrist and Ankle sprains (generally best to use cold but depends on the nature of the injury)


    Made from 100% cotton, Australian wheat.


    Australian Made

    Wheatbags Love make all of our products in Melbourne so you can be sure of an ethically made and good quality product.

    Great for Gifting!

    Each wheat bag also comes with its own gift box so they make great presents to send to loved ones! They are great for both men and women and everyone appreciates a new wheat bag to replace their old one!

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