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Greetings, fellow cool cats and kittens! Are you tired of feeling like a frozen popsicle in the midst of winter’s icy grip? Fear not, for our Wrap Around Heat Packs are here to save your skin (and your buns, too!).

Wheatbags Love heat packs are lovingly crafted using only the finest 100% natural materials and feature adjustable straps that can fit any body size. Plus, the Australian lupin filler is the ultimate snuggle buddy, keeping you warm and cozy for longer than traditional fillers.


Hey there, groovy dudes and dudettes! Are you tired of feeling like a frozen popsicle in the dead of winter? Well, fear not! Wheatbags Love Wrap Around Heat Packs are here to save the day (and your toasty buns!).

Crafted with care using 100% natural materials, their heat packs feature adjustable straps that can fit any body size, making them the perfect snuggly companion for any chilly evening. Plus, their Australian lupin filler will keep you warm for longer than traditional fillers, so you can stay cozy all night long!

Whether you’re a flower child or a disco diva, their Wrap Around Heat Packs are the ultimate accessory for anyone looking to stay warm and fabulous. So go ahead, tie off those straps and groove the night away, baby!

Wheatbags Love cotton fabric for the straps of their wrap around packs meaning they are fully adjustable for all sizes, 100% natural and they're able minimise waste.

  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Free gift box included
  • Made with all natural materials (100% cotton)
  • Filled with Australian lupins, which retain the heat longer
  • 6 channels of lupins to allow for even distribution of heat
  • Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer
  • Box Size: 19cm x 15cm x 7cm

Heating Instructions 

  • Only use a microwave to heat your wrap around pack
  • Never overheat your wrap around heat pack
  • Use the following instructions as a guide only as every microwave is different
  • Start by microwaving for 2 minutes and then testing the temperature
  • Place back in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until it reaches your desired temperature

Cooling Instructions

  • Place inside a zip lock freezer bag and then store in your freezer for use as a refreshing cold pack

Where to Use

  • Sore shoulders
  • Tight necks
  • Period cramps
  • Lower backs
  • Aching knees
  • Sport-induced soreness or tightness in hamstrings, quads, or glutes
  • Stomach pain
  • Wrist and Ankle sprains (generally best to use cold but depends on the nature of the injury)


Made from 100% cotton, Australian wheat.


Australian Made

Wheatbags Love make all of our products in Melbourne so you can be sure of an ethically made and good quality product.

Great for Gifting!

Each wheat bag also comes with its own gift box so they make great presents to send to loved ones! They are great for both men and women and everyone appreciates a new wheat bag to replace their old one!

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